Serving Teams

1st Thursday Serving Team: Community Christian Center
This team started serving in February, 2017, and we are so grateful to them for their service and for their fun and happy personality and for their wonderful prayer team. Thank you, Community Christian Center!


2nd Thursday Serving Team: Rock Spring Baptist Church

This team started serving in the Spring of 2018 and we are so happy to have them. Thank you for your service!


3rd Thursday Serving Team: Poplar Springs Baptist Church

Two teams from Poplar Spring Baptist Church alternate serving at the soup kitchen. These teams started serving in February, 2017, and all our guests look forward to a great meal from these fantastic teams. Thank you Poplar Spring Baptist Church!


4th Thursday Serving Team: Cypress Creek Civitans

This wonderful team has been serving since the very beginning, 2010. Many years of service and so appreciated! Thank you Civitans!!


Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Geraldine: These two ladies are awesome! They help receive any donated items and help to distribute food on the 4th Thursdays and any other weeks when we have food or items to distribute. Thank you ladies!